“Biomimetic Non-Immunogenic Nanoassembly for the Antitumor Therapy” (Original title:“Nanocostrutto Biomimetico Non Immunogenico per la Terapia Antitumorale”) Italian Patent N. IT102017000129243 of 13th Nov. 2017, PCT: WO2019/092550 of 16th May 2019. Inventors: V.Cauda, G. Canavese, T. Limongi, N. Garino, M. Laurenti, B. Dumontel, M. Canta, L. Racca, A. Ancona, filed with Research Report.
Key features: One among 5 Best Italian Technologies selected by Netval® and presented at Biovaria 2018, 25-26th April 2018, Munich (Germany) referred to Patent N. 102017000129243  “Biomimetic Non-Immunogenic Nanoassembly for the Antitumor Therapy”
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“Sonosensitizing agent and its method of activation” (Original title:“Agente sonosensibilizzante e suo metodo di attivazione”) Italian Patent N. IT102018000009966 of 31th Oct. 2018, Inventors: V. Cauda, G. Cicero, G. Canavese, T. Limongi, N. Garino, L. Racca, A. Ancona, B. Dumontel, M. Canta, L. Serpe, R. Canaparo, F. Foglietta, A. Francovich, G. Durando.
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“A biomimetic nanoporous carrier comprising an inhibitor directed towards the native form of IDH2 protein” (Original title: “Vettore nanoporoso biomimetico comprendente un inibitore diretto verso la forma nativa della proteina IDH2” Italian Patent N. IT102019000001009 of 23rd January 2019, PCT WO2020152559, 2020. Inventors: V. Cauda, T. Limongi, L. Racca, M. Canta, F. Susa, R. Piva, E. Bergaggio, N. Vitale, E. Mereu
linked to the Project AIRC Investigator Grant – Project title: “Exploiting synthetic lethal interactions to improve the therapeutic efficacy of proteasome inhibitors”, Project N. IG 21587 from the Italian Association of the Cancer Research (AIRC), Duration: 60 months, 2019-2023, PI: Prof. Roberto Piva, V. Cauda Role: Responsible of WP3.

“A monitoring and prediction system of diuresis for the calculation of kidney failure risk, and the method thereof” (Original title: “Sistema di monitoraggio e previsione della diuresi per il calcolo del rischio di insufficienza renale, e relativo metodo”) Italian Patent N. IT102019000001365 of 30th January 2019, PCT WO2020157557, 2019. Inventors: A. Ancona, V. Cauda, E. Manti
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