Different nano-sized materials were developed so far for nanomedicine application in particular against cancer, opening the field to effective treatments and new potent diagnostic tools to the advantage of patient. They are defined as theranostic nanomaterials, thus able to perform therapy and diagnosis at the same time. However very little attention is paid to their potential immunogenicity, to their final destiny at the end of their functions, as well as to the importance of zero-delivery in unwanted places, in case of drug-delivery systems. For these reasons, there is still a huge disproportion between these nanotherapeutic treatments with respect to the most conventional ones proposed to patients (i.e. surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy or their combinations). To address these important challenges and cover the gap between the present nanomedicine tools and the clinical requirements, we are currently involved in three major research lines that span the fields of nanotechnology, inorganic and surface chemistry, biology, physics and engineering.

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Valentina cauda theranostics for therapy
TNH for therapy
valentina cauda theranostics biostability
Biostability of TNH
valentina cauda theranostics imaging
TNH for imaging

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