Theranostics - nanoimaging
TNH for nanoimaging

Our TrojaNanoHorse (TNH) can also become an optimal bio-imaging tool since, differently from other quantum dots and nanoparticles, it does not exhibit serious toxicity to biological system, and has lack of polluting effects. TNH proved to have a visible fluorescence emission upon illumination with UV-light sources. By appropriately tuning the synthetic condition, we are currently exploring different optical emission properties from TNH. Tuning the morphology and the size, we can achieve its use as a nanoimaging tool for living cell imaging under conventional fluorescence microscopy.
Thanks to the biomimetic ability of the TNH, the nanoconstruct can be efficiently protected against degradation in water and biological media as well as high colloidal stability will be obtained, rendering the whole TNH suitable for bio-imaging applications. The high gain of this research topic will rely in the development of a nanoimaging tool not requiring any additional molecule, like dyes or contrast agents, potentially toxic for living systems.