Our research is conceived to successfully develop a TrojaNanoHorse (TNH):
• Being non-immunogenic,
• Showing colloidal dispersion in biofluids and absence of haemolytic and thrombogenic effects,
• Targeting cancer cell,
• Being effective against cancer without carrying anticancer drugs.

This part of the project is divided in three main tasks:

–> THE TROJANANOHORSE CONSTRUCT: The idea is to create a nanoconstruct able to elude cancer cell defences and be readily internalized within them, carrying a highly toxic compound in a targeted manner. We thus aim to combine in one single nanosystem both bio-mimicking and therapeutic abilities.
The TNH nanoconstruct is also functionalized with many types of chemical molecules, in order to improve its bioavailability and related functionalities.
–> MASKING AND TARGETING: The TNH construct would be non-immunogenic and haemocompatible: we are currently evaluating the bio-stability and haemocompatibility of the whole TNH construct. Within this task we are also studying the coupling of our TNH system with smart targeting ligand to efficiently target cancer cell.
–> ANTICANCER THERAPY: We aim to efficiently treat cancer in the absence of any chemotherapeutic drugs. The key challenge is to take change of the intrinsic ability of the TNH to develop and release highly cytotoxic species, in order to induce cancer cells to apoptosis. We are currently study the cytotoxic behavior on cancer cells and correlate the results in a dose/time manner.