Andrea Ancona

phone: +390110907380




After completing my Bachelor Degree in Physical Engineering at the Politecnico of Turin (2014), I attended the international Master Degree program “Nanotechnologies for ICTs”. During these two years I had the opportunity to study at EPFL, Lausanne, at Phelma, Grenoble and in Turin at the Politecnico. Moreover, as an undergraduate student, I spent three months in the Physics Department of Oxford University where I worked on the electrodeposition of galfenol nanowires to study cell-substrate interactions.  For my Master Thesis work, I joined the “Applied Mechanobiology Laboratory” at ETH Zurich. Here, I worked with a 5-degrees-of-freedom magnetic tweezers system able to remotely manipulate magnetic objects in the micrometer scale. This system has been used to study the dynamics of interaction between immune cells, macrophages, and bacteria-mimicking magnetic microparticles. Insights into the mechanisms employed by the immune cells to wrestle and fight against their targets have been gained. These will be crucial in the urgency of finding new solutions to fight the increasing number of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and to aid the development of new drug delivery systems.

In my current research, I am working with Valentina Cauda in the context of the NanoTrojanHorse project. In my work I am focusing on the physics of the cavitation process and the electronic configuration of the ultrasonic transducer, in such a way to optimize the ultrasonic radiation to obtain both the development of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and light emission from the nanoparticles. In my research I am particularly interested in developing new materials and tools able to investigate and interact with the micro and nano biological world.