Francesca Susa
phone: +390110907413

I joined the TNHLab in 2017 during my Master thesis project and, in November 2018, I continued my work as a PhD student in chemical engineering.

I obtained both my Bachelor and Master’s degree in biomedical engineering with the specialization in Bionanotechnologies at Polytechnic of Turin.

During my Master thesis, I worked for seven months in the TNHLab where the objective of my project was the improvement of the nanoconstruct called TNH. Then, I spent three months in the Faculty of Pharmacy at Univesidad Complutense de Madrid, in Spain, where I applied the knowledge I acquired in the previous months to developed a new drug delivery system.

Now, as a PhD student, I’m working at TNHLab under the supervision of Prof. Valentina Cauda and at MolE Lab with Prof. Roberto Pisano.

My research topic is mainly focused on extracellular vesicles. It starts from cells’ culture, extracellular vesicles’ extraction and their characterization through different techniques. I’m involved in the study and the engineering of their behavior and in the investigation of a storing method to preserve their features and prevent membrane’s damages, in order to use them as cargoes for cancer treatments.