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I am a PhD student in Chemical Engineering at the Department of Applied Science and Technology of  since November 2016. I graduated in Cell Biology at University of Turin in 2008 after an Internship in Microbiology in the San Giovanni Bosco Hospital of Turin and then I specialized in Molecular and Cellular Biology, taking my Master Degree in November 2014. For my Master thesis I spent two years in the division of medical Medical Oncology at the Candiolo Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment, where I later worked as scientific collaborator freelancer until July 2015. My research projects mainly concerned molecular mechanisms and effects of drug combinations against cancer cells; in particular I evaluated a new drug combination for the treatment of bone and soft tissue sarcoma that is currently in phase 1b clinical trial.

My research interests lie in the field of molecular target therapies and personalized medicine,  and focus on nanoparticle-based anticancer strategies.

In my current work I’m investigating the toxicity of Zinc oxide nanoparticles (ZnO NPs) in cancer cell lines, evaluating, at the same time, ZnO NPs safety in term of biocompatibility and biodegradation.

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