Tania Limongi


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Tania Limongi is PostDoc at the Department of Applied Science and Technology of the Politecnico di Torino, Italy since January 2017. From 2013 to 2016 she worked as research scientist at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia and from 2010 to 2013 as postdoc senior in the Nanostructures and Neuroscience and Brain Technologies Departments of the Italian Institute of Technology in Genova, Italy. From 2009 to 2010 she was employed as high throughput specialist in the San Giovanni Hospital in Torino, Italy. She spent 3 years as PostDoc in the University of L’Aquila after the obtainment of the Ph.D. in Microsystem Engineering degree from the University of Rome Tor Vergata in 2004. She received in 1999 her Master Degree in Biological Sciences with specialization in physiopathology at the University of L’Aquila in Italy. Her research interest is the development of new tissue engineering approaches and of novel devices and methods for ultrasensitive single molecule detection, imaging and spectroscopy, both in in vivo and in vitro cells experiments. Postdoc projects ranged from X-ray, TEM and Atomic Force microscopy application for the study of isolated cellular organelles and of DNA/protein interactions to investigate cell functioning using different single molecule localization techniques, micro and nanofabricated devices and advanced microscopy techniques.



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