PoliEtnico is back!

The main activities of the choir are the rehearsals, carried out weekly by the two directors. The rehearsals have a duration of one hour and a half and are performed after the end of the lessons at Politecnico di Torino, so the students can participate. Having two directors on the choir allows working each vocal section separately, also in parallel with different groups, with the aim to deal with different kinds of repertoires, such as those for male choir or female choir.

The main language for communicating in the choir is English, with the aim to explain better the technical definitions and methods for singing, so it can ease the individual study of the current repertoire.

Before entering in the choir, an audition with the directors will be required, but don’t worry about that, it is useful to assign you to the proper vocal section. In the case that you need to develop your musical skills, there will be room for those that want to learn to sing, following in parallel those rehearsals dedicated to new choristers, in which one of the directors will teach the basics of music theory and vocality

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