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Future Car Challenge

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The FCC (future car challenge) is a competition for the vehicles of the future.

The most important car industries take part in in it with their low consumption vehicles.

The 63 miles (over 100 km) that goes from Brighton to London are covered

on urban streets and motorways together with every days traffic so that the new vehicles run with those cars that in a few years will be considered "from the past".


The FCC 2012 will start on saturday 3th of November when the vehicles will leave Brighton in order to reach London, Regent Street, and they will have three hours to reach the finish line. The challenge organization says that there are going to be 4.000.000 of visitors, also, the event will be filmed by the BBC and many others international Broadcast-TV.


The competition is organized by the Royal Automotive Club in collaboration with the Imperial College of London to present the pioneers of the tomorrow technology. And H2politO Tream could not miss it.



Which type of vehicles are participating?

  • Electrical, electrical plug-in
  • Hybrid, hybrid plug-in
  • Hydrogen
  • Internal combustion under 100 g/km of CO2 emission

Which are the goals?

  • Consume as little as possible in a urban track, with the traffic;
  • Test new propulsive technologies and new vehicles architectures;
  • Show innovative vehicles that can be used for moving people in a real city;
  • Sensitize public awareness of low consumption.

Take part in this event means a new challenge to the Team: for the first time the new vehicle XAM 2.0, entirely designed by students, will compete with vehicles produced by big companies and it will run on a real street, it will have to observe all the minimum security requirements, this is why it has its own numberplate. 





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