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Conti Taguali graduated
23 11 _15
24 11 15 Laurea Conti Taguali

Gabriele, now being an expert of cost analysis and layout, has achieved his goal end receives the Master’s degree. Good luck for your future!

IDRA and the Team at Rebaudengo Institute
17 11 _15

18 11 15 IDRA e il Team all Istituto Rebaudengo 1

18 11 15 IDRA e il Team all Istituto Rebaudengo2

IDRA got exposed at the Istitute Rebaudengo (www.rebanet.it) and then a presentation of the Team at their partner companies has been carried out. Wishing that it could be the starting point of a new collaboration between teams, high school and private companies!

Visit of ITIS Ferrari of Susa
10 11 _15
09 11 15 Visita dellITIS Ferrari di Susa

Visit of the class from the last year of the high school ITIS Ferraris (Susa). Thanks to interest of their Professor Ing. Giuliani. Are they going to be our new students?

Sciandra graduated
22 10 _15
23 10 15 Laurea Sciandra

Lorenzo S. has received his bachelor degree with a thesis about HMI in collaboration with our partner and sponsor ISMB.

De Luca graduated
20 10 _15
21 10 15 Laurea De Luca Starting as freshman joining us working on XAM 2.0, to become the supervisor of the strategy for the SEM. Our Giammarco has grown up. And now? Are you going to become an Automotive Engineering student?
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