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Electric motor arriving
22 02 _08
Elettric motor arriving

After long and wearing meetings, and exhaustive technical briefings with skilled engineers, the electric engine were chosen and yesterday they eventually arrived.

Without wasting time the Team started proving the engine on the bench test, to feature its functioning and choose the best solution, mostly thinking about the integration with the combustion cell.

Little Idra was born
21 02 _08


E' nata la piccola idra..

The students of the Team just realized, with the useful collaboration of Ages spa, a scaled model of the prototype of the vehicle IDRA08.

The prototype aroused much interest and approval from the teaching staff, curious students and company manager that come visiting us.

All this interest is nothing but an encouragement for the Team to continue its hard work to have the actual prototype done by May 2008.

Selection passed!
11 02 _08


Superate selezioni! H2politO is admitted to SEM 2008

Team H2politO passed 2008 selection and was officially admitted to Shell Eco-Marathon 2008.

Selection are usually based on the technical documentation about projects of every different team, selected by manager trainers.

The documents sent by H2politO were considered exhaustive and complete and made the Team pass this year's selection.

Meeting report
29 01 _08


Resoconto conferenza

At 9 pm took place the presentation of the project, with the contribution of Giovanni Caso and Andrea Airale.

After the Power Point presentation, the closing speech of eng. Massimiliana Carello.

The exhibition excite much interest, captivating the students of the Centre that could reveal their curiosity, talking directly to the Team's members at the buffet offered after the conference.

"H2politO & Shell Eco-marathon "
28 01 _08


one team... its challenge...

Conference at University Centre Villa San Giuseppe
Corso Giovanni Lanza, 3
10131 Torino


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