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XAM 2.0

XAM 2.0 work in progress copy

Vehicle Class: Heavy Quadricicle (L7e)

Tipologia di Veicolo:  Prototype with Plate

Classification: E-REV (Extended Range Electric Vehicle) 

Energy Supply: Electric + E85 (II generation Bio-Ethanol)

Propulsion: IPM Electric Brushless Motor 

Range Extender: 170 cc Wankel  + SPM Electric Motor

Batteries: Li-Po 6,8 kWh

Batteries Mass: 60 kg

Tank: 17 L

Chassis: alluminum alloy 6061

Body: composite material

Braking system: hydraulic disc brakes

Transmission: mechanical sigle drive + reverse

Steering system: front  wheels; pinion and rack

Rims and Tyres: 16", 95/80 R16 low coefficient of rolling

Lightining: LED + Bi-Xenon

Curb Weight: 410 kg

Total Weight: 600 kg

Nominal Power: 15 kW

Wheel Torque: 300 Nm

Maximum Speed: 80 km/h (electronical limited)

Acceleration time: 0-50 km/h: 5 s

Range: 70 km (Full Electric) 600 km (Range Extender)

Recharging Time 220 V: 6 hours

Emissions: 27g/CO2

Number of seats: 2

Trunk: 30 L

Length: 2880 mm

Width: 1300mm

Height: 1280 mm

Wheelbase: 1900 mm

Ground Clearance: 100 mm


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