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The body is the outward expression of the entire vehicle: during XAM’s design was given great importance to the aesthetic in order to arouse interest and appeal at first sight. For this reason the realization of the prototype was based on harmony and form requirements, volume proportion, materials refinement, attention to details and elements and careful assembly.

Besides the exterior beauty, during the design, also weight reduction and aerodynamic optimization (this approach reflects the current trend in automotive design industry) have been considered to obtain a reduction of consumption. At speeds of 30 km/h (that represent the average speed of a typical city driving and so characteristic of the path of the Urban Concept at the Shell-Eco-marathon) the aerodynamic resistance, function of the square of the speed, is lower than the rolling resistance of tires; but even in this conditions a careful aerodynamics allows to obtain a considerable energy saving and ensures external noise reduction and an adequate cooling of the transmission systems, allowing the engine to work with greater efficiency.

During the design XAM’s shape was analyzed by software Computational Fluid Dynamics in order to assure to the final model the lower aerodynamic resistance. Some distinctive solutions of the prototype are: flat bottom, rear diffuser, spoiler, full windshield with the canopy, wheels with lenticular screens, low side air intake.



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