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After much considerations and studies on different materials compatible with the body, has been used vegetal fiber. Mixing know-how and innovation, a natural fiber has been chosen to reduce XAM’s weight, but above all to produce an environmentally friendly vehicle, composed of fully biodegradable fibers, unlike carbon fiber that derive from petroleum.

_MG_1109 _MG_1785

In addition to the vegetable fiber body, inside the passenger compartment , there are two seats vegetable fiber made. Even if the seat seems to be a component of little significance, it has an important aesthetic function and must guarantee comfort to the pilot. The decision to have two seats on XAM has been taken after a careful analysis based on ergonomics and visibility inside the prototype.

Safety was a key aspects in the design of XAM: the shape of the saddle has been defined to prevent slippage and seats and dashboard have been designed to ensure easy exit in case of emergency.



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