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XAM's electronic system has been created using an SMA board created in a rapid prototyping machine. The communication protocol between CARDS is CAN BUS, an automotive standard. There is a display connected to an embedded system based on Windows CE, used for the telemetry during the competition (data communication from the vehicle to the desk and acquisition system).

In a city environment it can be used to communicate with other vehicles (V2V), with the road transportation structures, to infotainment systems and GPS.

Elettronica01 Elettronica05

The dashboard is composed of switches and leds which give to the pilot a complete control of the vehicle, including light use. The lighting system is built with high-power leds.

The steering wheel, designed to be quickly removed in case of emergency, has standard horn and indicators features.

It is also possible to control the start and stop of the endothermic engine and the propulsion and braking functions of the electric motor. 



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