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General features

XAM alla Shell Eco

Many studies and considerations were carry out to define the VehicleMission. The main goal for the Urban Concept XAM, as well as the ultimate reason of his realization, was the participation at the Shell Eco-marathon; therefore was carried on an intense analysis of the competition’s rules in order to set the design in regard of the articles and values therein contained.

Making a benchmark analysis of the participants in the previous editions of the competition in Urban Concept category it was found that the more competitive car had to have features of an extreme car: minimization of the weight, unusual shapes and single-seat architecture that allow to minimize the front section and the structure, absence of suspensions, and so on. All these features are very positive to the achievement of record consumption, but make the most of the vehicles involved in SEM prototype special purpose , and so their use is limited to the performance of the competition. The Team H2politO wanted go further by designing an Urban Vehicle that can be easily compared to a small road vehicle in order to stimulate the development of new ideas on urban mobility (passenger compartment architecture, hybrid propulsion system with an innovative energy management), but at the same time being able to record a good results in terms of consumptions and to be competitive in the race.

XAM was born from these observations and ideas, and its name, eXtreme Automotive Mobility, efficiently describes its mission: it’s an extreme vehicle because his features are a mix between those optimal for the participation in the SEM and those required for a typical car of the contemporary urban scene.

Propulsion: parallel hybrid gasoline vehicle, with brushed motor DC, supercap and indirect injection engine

Tank: fuel tank 350 cc

Chassis: Aluminium

Body: composite material (flax fiber and epoxy resin)

Braking system: separated hydraulic (front and rear)

Transmission: direct engaging

Steering system: front steering wheels; rack and pinion

Weight: 193 kg

Length: 2880 mm

Width: 1300 mm

Height: 1280 mm

Height to ground: 100mm


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