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Xam's powertrain consists of an internal combustion engine (ICE) and an electric engine, combined with a specially-designed rigid transmission coupling.

Powertrain06 Powertrain05

The ICE has had the suction and emissions modified from the original version. The suction has been implemented in order to allow for the assembly of an indirect injection system. This architecture was selected in order to achieve a considerable reduction in the consumption of the internal combustion engine.


While combining ICE and EM, we thought of a further optimisation through a driving strategy which would maximize fuel saving: when accelerating, the energy stored in the supercaps is used for the propulsion of the vehicle; when a constant velocity has been reached, the internal combustion engine turns on  and it works in its point of maximum torque, allowing for best performance and the minimum fuel consumption.  

The electric engine can work as a motor generator with propulsion and KERS functions.

Powertrain07 Powertrain03

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