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Unsprung masses, brakes and steering

The suspensions are designed with particular care for the control of unsprung masses, in order to obtain a good dynamic response from the vehicle. For this reason, we used extensively aluminium alloys such as AvionAl and EdgarAl.

A good mass reduction was achieved with a precise design through FEM software. To contain the production costs and reduce the complexity of the project, we used the same wishbones for the frontal and the back suspensions. 

Masse03 Masse04

With regard to motion, the suspensions are independent wheels with quadrilateral deformation, while the shock-absorbers are inspired by cycling and controlled via a pull-rod system.

The braking system has its origins in Go-Kart, using 4 specially-designed discs controlled by a hydraulic system, divided in the front and back parts of the car, integrated with a brake balance system. 

The steering system is controlled by a specially-designed rack-and-pinion steering box. 

Masse02 Masse05

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