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Events & Exhibitions

Events & exhibitions

Attendance at Autodesk University AU Convention – Learn, Connect and Explore, 1‐3 December 2009
Las Vegas.

Guest at stand ACI at MOTORSHOW of Bologna 2009 – Bologna, 4‐8 December 2009.

Hi.Tech.Expo (HTE) – L’alternativa idrogeno "Utilizzo di una cella a combustibile per il prototipo a basso consumo Idra"( lecturer Mattia Belloca), Milano 25 November 2009

Co‐organzers of first Party "AperiCento50" inside Poli, open to all students to celebrate 150 years of Politecnico, 13 November 2009

Presence to the Inauguration of new academic year 20092010 and to celebration for 150 years of Politecnico, with the presence of Eng. John Elkan and Magnifico Rettore Francesco Profumo and Dott.Andrea Bairati, 13 November 2009

Presence at show "Effetto Europa Vent'anni di Fondi Europei per lo Sviluppo del Piemonte" at the Palazzo della Giunta Regionale in P.zza Castello, where the Team met President prof.ssa Mercedes Bresso and dott. Andrea Bairati, 6 November 2009

Gustatus, guest of ACI Stand at Food Showroom at Orbetello, the Team met Transport Minister On.

Altero Matteoli and the former formula one pilot Jean Alesì, showing them the strength of Team
H2politO and Politecnico di Torino– 28 October‐1 November 2009

COMPOTEC Showroom, National showroom of composite materials, the Team was there with both prototypes and won COMPOTEC AWARD, Marina di Massa – 19‐23 October 2009

Formula Zero – BIENNALE della ECOEFFICIENZA, presence to opening celebration of event with two IDRA prototypes as "safety cars" of competition – Torino Esposizioni, 10‐11 October 2009

Formula EHI, electric and hybrid vehicles competition – ENEA la Casaccia, Rome 07‐09 October 2009

Notte dei Ricercatori, stand in which the Team brought IDRA to people ‐ Torino, Vittorio Square, 25 Settembre 2009

FORMULA ONE World Championship Stand, at Monza partecipation to Monza Grand Prix, the Team was guest of Regione Lombardia and met the President of Lombardy R.Formigoni‐ Monza, 10‐13 September 2009

Presentation to James E. Smith, SAE General President ‐ Torino, 9 September 2009

Partecipation to the show "IDRA at Mondovì" in collaboration with Y‐Group – Mondovì, 22 July 2009

International Conference Hybrid, electric and fullcell propulsion system "IDRA and the Team H2politO: low consumption vehicle and an innovative educational project" ‐ Torino, 17 June 2009

"RIGENERGIA" Show of Eco‐efficiency – Aosta, 4 ‐ 5 June 2009

"TOSM" Information Technology & Communication Show – Torino Lingotto 26 – 29 May 2009

"Forum della Pubblica Amministrazione"– meeting with Minister On. Giorgia Meloni, Roma 11‐ 14 May 2009

"Career Day" the Politecnico di Torino meets companies, 23 April 2009

"Realiability e Technologies" Show on the world technological scenary at the Lingotto, 7-8 April 2009

YGroup event – Cuneo, 2 April 2009

Exposition to the event "MOBYLITIAMOCI" organized by the Province of Torino and focused on sustainable energy, 25 26 February 2009

Presence to the "Engineering for female" with the presence of Rita Levi Montalcini and the President of the Piedmont Region Mercedes Bresso, 3 March 2009

Exposition to the Automotive Museum of Torino for "DREAM – The car of the future", from the 10 November 2008 to the 15 November 2008

Exposition to the I3P (university enterprise incubator of Torino), 14 October 2008

Exposition to MotorsportExpotech (Modena), from the 14 October 2008 to the 16 October 2008

Exposition to the GM powertrain Europe headquarter to the U.S.A. ambassador Roland Spogli, to the VP GE Powertrain Mike Arcamone and to the Rettore of the Politecnico di Torino (Prof. Francesco Profumo), 7 October 2008

Presence to the "IAA Commercial Vehicle Show" Hannover (Germany), from 26 september 2008 to the 01 October 2008










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