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The Idea of setting up a team for alternative propulsion vehicles at the Politecnico was born in 2006,   but it was not until autumn 2007 that the team was born, thanks to a group of students and with the help of Mr. Cozzari and our Faculty Advisor Mr. Carello. The team was made of 13 students from 11 different undergraduate courses.

That's how "H2politO - molecole da corsa"  was born.

Immagine Team

First Team H2politO in 2008

Under the supervision of professor Francesco Profumo and professor Pietro Appendino the project started and the Steering Committee, made of university teacher and private companies,  settled with the intention of helping the students team during their activities to lead theme as supervisors of their innovative BA final dissertations.

Immagine Team

Team H2politO in 2009

The private companies involved in the project from the very beginning have been given a positive feedback to the students, they are interested and willing to collaborate. That is the beginning of the team adventure.


Team H2politO in 2010

Years went by and the team is still very successful.
The team gained the respect participating national and international competitions, wining important prizes and showing to the world,on television and specialized prints,  the innovative project .


Team H2politO in 2011

H2politO has growth in the years and more and more it became a place for the formation of excellent engineers.


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