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H2politO is an extremely ambitious team and it tries to improve constantly, every member of the team is very determinate and want to improve Idra and Xam performances through hard work.

The Team has always invested not only in the technical aspect but also in the management,  communication and marketing. One of the fundamental team goal is to constantly improve from the point of view of:

  • Team work.
  • Internal communication.
  • External communication (Politecnico, private companies, pubblicistitutions and media).
  • Work organization.
  • Production of technical easy consulting documentation.

The medium-long therm goals, from now to next 2-3 years are:


  • Be among the first 5 european teams in the category Fuel Cell;
  • Double the numbers of technic partners;
  • Double the economics sponsorship;
  • Involve the public institutions in order to obtain an economic commitment and publicity;
  • Reach 4000 km/l which is the record at the 2010 Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2010;


  • Bring to life an healthy project that will live and be active during the next years;
  • Create a occasion for professional improvement also for PHD students;
  • Create arguments for the discussion on the changes and the evolution of urban mobility;
  • Create the fundaments for the sustainable technology;
  • Involve major private companies in order to support the project;
  • Involve the public institutions in order to obtain an economic commitment and publicity;
  • Create, inside the Politecnico, an unique project devised, conceived, promoted and realized by students.

Complete educational training

Inside the Ateneo we created a complete educational training, integrating the traditional academic training, that the students can follow from his first years and thanks to the Team activities he can  practice, day after day, month after month, the knowledge they have learnt during university courses and lessons.

A growth path that starts from the basic of Team work, the ability of taking care of a tench project, the ability of administrating a budget, and it gets to the hight level of the experimentation, planning, simulation and calculation.

A student that works with the Team for two or three years is a complete engineer who owns technic knowledge and has learnt to solve problems in a a short time using the available budget.

Team's student are the engineers that are ready to face the challenges of tomorrow industry that will have to be sustainable and respectful towards the nature and the environment.



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