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Who we are

The Team H2politO is a group of students of the Politecnico di Torino. The student’s background and profiles are very diverse, everyone comes from a different discipline of engineering and together they compose a complete Team. The disciplines range from Automotive and Mechanical to Electronics, Aerospace, Energy, Mathematics, Computer Science, Mechatronics, Management, Cinema and Media and Industrial Design.

The Team is based in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department (DIMEAS) of Turin’s Politecnico , on Corso Duca degli Abruzzi 24.


Our Mission

The Team mission is to shape a new generation of engineers, leaders in their fields, who represent the educational excellence in regard of each of their competencies.

The results of Team passion and hard work are two low-energy consumption vehicles, that could become benchmarks for their categories:

            •          IDRA - hydrogen powered prototype

            •          XAM – ethanol powered parallel hybrid urban concept.

The main goal is to take part and win in Shell Eco-marathon, a competition that every year involves hundreds of students teams arriving from all over Europe. Especially we would like to spread the Shell Eco-marathon values through ours, combining the sustainable development with a vehicle that uses the least possible amount of energy.

Ready to be different

H2politO is a different, innovative and somehow unique project, is not just a Team but something more: it is a new type of conceiving educational, professional and personal growth.

Team members aim at being perceived as an experimental laboratory where competences, capabilities and potentialities of future’s engineers are fostered. Students strive to become not only solid and advanced technical experts but, equally important, down-to-earth managers having excellent communication, leadership and teamwork skills.

Practical and hands-on experiences are doubtlessly a complementary and enriching form of educational path. Therefore, H2politO firmly believes that learning by doing represents an absolute advantage Team members can count on.

Team members have a real opportunity to lead their educational path by building and crafting their own thesis. Final papers are indeed part of a cluster of thesis which combines all the technological and organizational areas of development H2politO has envisioned and embraced.

The Team believes in hard work as the basis of future success. Students crave for continuously improving and strive for exceeding expectations by nurturing the team spirit in order to create  those synergies able to add value to individual performances and capabilities. As a consequence, passion and team-spirit are really the foundation of H2politO values.

Team Concept

The work at the Team and the prototype can be perceived as an business laboratory where is required  a synergy between technical knowledge and managerial skills. Therefore H2politO allowed to develop both technical competencies strictly linked to the Prototype/Product and managerial competences characteristics of a business team.




The Team believes that the competition is a way to achieve excellence. The market, thus the competition, gives them the possibility to work hard in order to challenge the competitors and produce a more advanced technology vehicle that could become benchmark for its category.


The Team wants to drive innovation into everything he does. It works to become a mean by which partners and sponsors could create and develop innovative products and processes.


The Team could never obtain the results achieved without the help and collaboration of their partners. The Teams ambition is to became a benchmark for cooperation between corporate world and Italian educational institutions.


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