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International Master Course in
Physics of Complex Systems

Admission and goals

Applications are welcome from students with a bachelor degree in physics, mathematics, and engineering.

Graduates from this master program will be experts in modeling and simulation of complex systems. They can look forward to careers as researchers in development labs or computing centers, senior software engineers, biological physicists, financial analysts and more. Thanks to their strong methodological skills, they will also profit of new career opportunities offered by the most advanced companies and research institutes operating in multidisciplinary contexts.

Graduates can access PhD programs in physics and related subjects, in particular those encountered during the master program (for instance information engineering, or biology at the cellular and molecular level, especially computational biology and bioinformatics). Eventually, they can get a master degree in Nanotechnologies for ICTs at Politecnico di Torino through a small amount of integrative exams.

Information about the application procedure can be found here

Organizing committee:
Prof. A. Pelizzola [POLITO]       Prof. A. Gambassi [SISSA]     Dr. M. Marsili [ICTP]       Prof. D. Mouhanna [Paris 6]
Prof. J. B. Fournier [Paris 7]       Prof. E. Trizac [Paris 11]       Prof. S. Franz [Paris 11]