November 29, 2017


PhD Student

Giulio holds an M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. During his thesis project he developed a new non-heme complex of iron(II) in order to perform selective oxidation of non-activated C-H bonds with a biomimetic approach. He started his experience in the enviromental protection field at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” as a Research Fellow in the Environmental Engineering Department under the supervision of Prof. F. Lombardi and Prof. R. Baciocchi. There, he dealt with ISCO (in-situ chemical oxidation) for soil remediation. He then moved to the EPFL under the supervision of Prof. C. Pulgarin who leads the GPAO (Group of Advanced Oxidation Process). There, he has contributed to the H2020 project “Waterspoutt”. The project is related to the disinfection of water in developing countries. Starting from November 2017, he is a PhD student working on catalytic reactive membranes and processes for water and wastewater treatment under the supervision of Prof. A. Tiraferri.

Giulio Farinelli’s curriculum vitae