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REGISTRATION (Registration after the 23rd of March do not allow the paper to be published)

Registration form must be filled out and sent to ACTA Conference Registration Office together with payment of the Registration fee (or proof of payment in case of bank transfer).



Payment of registration fees is in Euro, through one of the following paths:

- CREDIT CARD (Visa, Mastercard, Cartasi – please note only these cards are accepted)

Transfers should be net, and exclusive of any bank charges for the conference.
Details for Bank transfer payment are available on the "ON-line Registration" or on the "OFF-line Registration" RTF file.
In case of BANK TRANSFER, PLEASE DO NOT SEND PAYMENT WITHOUT REGISTERING TO THE CONFERENCE through the "ON-line Registration" or the “OFF-line Registration” buttons.
To be included in the Proceedings volume, papers must be covered by registration and payment of full or student registration fee, to be received by the Conference Registration Office by March 10, 2007 at the latest. "Registration Form" and payment must be received by the 10th of March for papers to be included in the proceedings. In case of Bank Transfer, please consider an early payment, as Bank Transfer usually needs 15 to 20 days to be on the account. Bank Transfer payments from participants without papers are accepted until May 15, 2007. After May 15, 2007 payments should be made by credit cards only or directly on-site.


Full participant - EURO 600
Student * - EURO 480
One-day registration - EURO 150
One-day registration (for AMMA members only) - EURO 75
* Student registration fee are granted only to those who can demonstrate their student status by enclosing a University document assessing their student position.
Full and student registration includes:
  • Participation in all scientific sessions
  • Proceedings
  • Conference kit
  • Special Evening Event
  • Three days coffee breaks
  • Three days lunches
  • Gala Dinner
  • One-day registration includes:
  • Participation in the scientific sessions on the selected day
  • Coffee breaks on the selected day
  • Lunch on the selected day
  • Cancellations and Refunds:
    Cancellation must be made by writing to the Conference Registration Office, ACTA (fax +39 011 590833 e-mail: Cancellations do not entitle to any refund.
    Official Invoices
    If requested, official invoices can be mailed within 30 days from request or given at the Conference. Invoices for on-site registrations can be mailed after the Conference.
    Letter of Invitation
    On request, the Organising Secretariat can provide a letter of invitation. Such invitation is extended solely to assist participants to obtain travel funds or appropriate visas and does not imply any commitment on the part of the organisers to provide financial support. Participants requiring an entry Visa are strongly advised to apply in their own countries at least four months before the Conference.
    Registration must be made:
    1. ON-LINE (through the On-line Registration Form - Preferred form of registration)
    2. by downloading the Registration Form.RTF file (in alternative to the ON-LINE registration)
    In case of ON-LINE registration (1), please complete ALL steps in the following ORDER:
    1a. Fill in the interactive on-line form
    1b. Pay through your credit-card or by a Bank Transfer by (following the interactive procedure after step 1)
    1c. In the case of Bank Transfer payment, you can pre-register your data and save your form. A user code and a password will be sent to re-open the form after the bank transfer payment is done. At this point, the registration summary must be send to the Conference Registration Office through the conference website (upload) or by fax (+ 39 011 590833) together with the bank transfer receipt.
    In case of RTF Registration Form (2), please complete ALL steps in the following ORDER:
    2a. Fill in the RTF form, using capital letters
    2b. Fill-in your credit-card data or make the bank transfer (net amount without charges to the conference)
    2c. Send the registration form (Registration Form RTF file) to the Conference Registration Office, by e-mail ( or fax (+ 39 011 590833) - in case of bank transfer join the bank transfer receipt (payment).
    ON-line registration OFF-line registration
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