? Global Trajectory Optimisation Competition

Global Trajectory Optimisation Competition

GTOC7 Announcement

The team Politecnico di Torino - Università di Roma "Sapienza" is honored to announce the 7th edition of the Global Trajectory Optimisation Competitions. GTOC7. Instructions for registering for the competition are outlined below.

The competition was instituted and organised in 2005 under the leadership of Dario Izzo of the Advanced Concepts Team, European Space Agency, as a means of stimulating research in the area of spacecraft trajectory optimisation and was won by the Outer Planets Mission Analysis Group of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Traditionally, the winner of the previous edition has organized the new one, and, as winners of GTOC6, we were asked to accept the honour of organising the competition this year.

Today, local optimisation methods, while unlikely to provide a global optimum, are widely used in trajectory optimisation. In looking for the best possible trajectory, mission designers typically perform individual local optimisations, guided by experience, until they find a solution with which they are satisfied. Global optimisation techniques can offer significant assistance in finding an acceptable solution to a given problem, even though convergence to the global optimum is not yet guaranteed. By focusing on a problem with a very large number of locally optimal solutions, the Global Trajectory Optimisation Competition promotes development of methods that most thoroughly and most quickly search a large and unconventional design space for optima. The competition offers a unique playground for researchers to test new ideas, and is an excellent way to compare global optimisation methods with classical local methods, which are permitted but, in fact, penalized by the unusual objective function of the proposed problem.

Participation in the competition will be nominally limited to the first fifty researchers or teams of researchers who register. To register for the competition, send an e-mail message to lorenzo.casalino@polito.it by May 15, 2014. Please include in the e-mail a point of contact and the names and institutional affiliations of the researchers in the team. Feel free to pass on this announcement to other researchers you believe may be interested.

The competition will require to find the "best" solution to an interplanetary spacecraft trajectory optimisation problem which will be disclosed on May 20, 2014. Solutions must be returned within four weeks, that is, by June 17, 2014, 18:00 GMT, in an ASCII text format which will be specified. Solutions will be first verified and then ranked on the basis of the objective functions which are specified for the problem.

A one-day workshop will be held on March 6 2015 in Rome, Italy, where selected teams will be invited to present their methods and results. Selection of presenting teams will be based not only on the solutions but also on other criteria such as the creativity and perceived potential of the methods used. Details of the workshop are still to be determined.

We look forward to receiving your registration and your participation in the competition.


Congratulations to team 19 Outer Planet Mission Analysis Group, Mission Design and Navigation Section, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (USA), winner of GTOC7.

GTOC7 rankings

method description files

GTOC7 list of participants (updated June 18)

GTOC7 problem statement (updated June 3)

GTOC7 asteroids data

solution format (mother ship)

solution format (probes)

Summary of important dates

* 20 May 2014: Disclosure of competition problem

* 17 June 2014: Deadline for return of solutions

* June/July 2014: Solutions evaluated, presenters selected

* 6 March 2015: One-day workshop in Rome

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