Communication plan

The results obtained have been widely published through a Communication Plan developed in collaboration with the Institutional Communication Sector of the Region of Piedmont, which contains a series of initiatives involving:

  • a presentation brochure for the project.
  • an educational documentary on water resources; this documentary in Italian and French will be sent to the main educational establishments in both countries so the information collected will be widely circulated around the region. The goal of this initiative is to disseminate the results of this scientific research, while also ensuring it can be used by lay people, in particular to spread awareness among younger generations encouraging a rational and conscious use of water resources
  • a final publication on the results produced by this research
  • a leaflet containing a simplified map of the monitoring points
  • several workshops have been set up at the various institutions involved in the research to present its results
  • more specific work on the different subjects covered has been and will be presented at national and international conferences