This publication was created thanks to the collaboration between the Polytechnic of Turin, Polytech Nice, the Region of Piedmont and the City of Nice to develop the ALIRHYS project as part of the ALCOTRA 2007-2013 cross-border cooperation programme.

Due to the synergy among all the partners in implementing this project, it has been possible to expand and develop the issues proposed under strategic objective No 2, which has the priority axis of protecting and managing the region. In particular, the ALIRHYS project aims to study and manage the groundwater resources which supply the numerous springs that give rise to the surface water network spread across Italy and France. Water levels are heavily influenced by melting snow and rainfall, as well as by the many springs that guarantee a substantial water flow, even following long periods of drought. Part of this spring water is collected for drinking water. Over the last few decades, these springs have been particularly exposed to natural hazards: extreme weather conditions (periods of drought and floods) have increased considerably under the influence of on-going climate change. The potential damage by these hazards on water resources could have an impact on the development of the areas covered by this research programme.

European projects are an important opportunity to develop and attract financial resources across the region. We therefore invite readers to come up with ideas on how to create new synergies and proposals in order to further develop this area of activity and ensure its continuity.