MATto materiali per il design

MATto_materials for design the new consultancy
service, that Politecnico di Torino
- DAD Department of Architecture and Design
and the Torino Chamber of Commerce provide to
the Small and Medium Enterprises of the Piedmont
Region in Italy in order to boost innovation and
support SMEs of the territory

The service consists of two meetings with the researchers of MATto, with the aim of presenting a selection of materials which are identified by their technical characteristics, their sustainable use, according to their presentation formats, and their sensory characteristics.

materials library

more than 600 new generation materials and semi-finished products
are now available for business companies.
Soft metals, shape memory alloys, flexible ceramics, scented plastics, transparent concrete, soft and flexible wood, 3D fabrics, antibacterial fibers, self-cleaning glass have been collected according to the new features of established products on the market and cataloged by researchers in design through performance checklists:

  • chemical, physical, mechanical;
  • fire behavior, weather and chemical attack;
  • durability;
  • price range.

The data sheets also report value judgments about:

  • eco-compatibility;
  • sensory perception / expressive potential;
  • main uses and potential uses.

In addition, the research team has a wide iconographic documentation, video manipulation and sensory evaluations.

about us

Claudia De Giorgi
Scientific Coordinator/ Lead Scientist of
MATto materials library and of
MATto_materiali per il design consultancy service

Beatrice Lerma
she has been contributing to the management and
development of MATto materials library scientific content and
MATto_materials for design

Nicoletta Frate
she has been contributing to the research
for MATto_materials for design


logo MATto bianco

Materials Library - Politecnico di Torino

Design and Visual Communication graduate course
c/o Politecnico di Torino’s Mobility Campus
Corso Settembrini 178, 10135 Torino
tel. +39 011 090 8823

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a tool for innovation

research main themes

The consultancy service aims to answer to companies’ requirements related to critical product / materials / processes, environmental sustainability of materials / semi-finished products, innovation in their field and new markets for businesses.
Materials will be identified in order to help companies develop new products and explore new potential products on the basis of their specific requests. The materials will be described in terms of technical and sensory evaluations, sensory adjectives and video manipulation that explain the different behavior of materials subjected to various tests. Furthermore, the materials are accompanied by environmental information, defined by taking into account the material performances along with their product life cycle.

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business consulting


First meeting

MATto Azienda

Company and MATto materials library presentation. Brief research definition.

freccia arancione giu



MATto arancione

Research of materials and innovative technologies selected from researchers of MATto.

freccia arancione giu


Second meeting

MATto Azienda

Presentation of materials and innovative technologies selected by researchers of MATto

freccia arancione giu

data sheet - example

  • brief description of the firm
  • brief description of the material
  • substances contained in the material

  • forming technologies
  • coatings
  • joining
  • colors and patterns, shapes and sizes
  • costs

  • technical characteristics
  • reactions to ...
  • sensory characteristics
  • expressivity potential
  • eco-compatibility
  • biocompatibility

  • existing uses
  • possible uses

gallery - materials


logo design:
Diego Facta with Raffaela Cardia and Claudia De Giorgi - Politecnico di Torino

Beatrice Lerma - Politecnico di Torino

Alessandro Dentis - Politecnico di Torino


Bachelor's degree course in Design and Visual Communication

logo Todesign

business consulting


first meeting

brief research definition

it is an introduction meeting
with the aim to present
MATto materials library,
its research and collecting
methods and to introduce
the company interested in
the consultancy service, so as
to understand the company’s
activities and to define the
main themes that will be
addressed by MATto
and discussed during
the second meeting.

0indietro 2avanti

business consulting



research in MATto

the researchers identify
innovative materials,
semi-finished products
and technologies to give
answer to companies’ needs.
The research first takes place
within the materials library,
later widening outside,
identifying manufacturers,
suppliers and processing
companies, in Italy and abroad,
with particular attention
to companies and suppliers
to "zero km".

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business consulting


second meeting

presentation to the companies

during the second meeting of the consultancy service, the researchers present identified materials and technologies to companies; the aim is to create a “zero km” contacts’ network among companies, dealers, producers and suppliers; during the meeting researchers present samples of the identified materials, technical information and direct contacts of dealers and producers.

Elements presented to companies:

  • material samples,
    which can be observed and manipulated
  • technical data
  • information about producers
  • contacts
    with dealers and producers