Autonomous Robots 4 Logistic Spaces

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MACP4Log Project Website

Mobile Autonomous and Cooperating robotic Platforms for supervision and monitoring of large LOGistic surfaces




The three-years research project MACP4Log is aimed at the study and development of a prototype of a mobile robotic platform, with on-board vision systems and sensors, integrating a flexible wireless communication solution, able to move autonomously in large logistic spaces, and to communicate with a supervisor and other similar platforms to achieve a coordinated action to carry out specific tasks.

The project is funded by Regione Piemonte and coordinated by the Robotics Research Group from Politecnico di Torino; the research activity is carried on in collaboration with ERXA s.r.l. (a SME specialized in software for industrial robotics applications) and the Istituto Superiore “Mario Boella” (ISMB), a research institute active in several ICT fields.

The robotic platform adopted is given by the Pioneer P3-DX equipped with proximity sensors, vision sensors, broadband WiFi antennas and controlled by on-board netbooks.

Inside this website you will find a more complete description of the MACP4Log project, with updated development history, related research publications and partners presentation.