Autonomous Robots 4 Logistic Spaces

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Project History

October 19th, 2011:

Final Presentation of the Project at "Centro Congressi Unione Industriale di Torino"


September 2011:

Presentation "Advanced solutions to SLAM and Exploration problems" at SIDRA 2011, Pisa, Italy


August 2011:

Presentation of the paper “On Registration of Uncertain Three-Dimensional Vectors with Application to Robotics” at IFAC 2011


July 2011:

Presentation of the paper "A Comparative Study on Active SLAM and Autonomous Exploration with Particle Filters" at AIM 2011, Budapest


June 2011:

Presentation of the paper “A Linear Approximation for Graph-based Simultaneous Localization and Mapping” at Robotics: Science and Systems (RSS), 2011


June 2010-April 2011:

Study and application of RGBD vision sensors (MS Kinect) for people detection and tracking


March 2010-January 2011:

Theoretical study on 3D EKF Delayed State SLAM

Study and application of stereo vision for navigation support


November-December 2010:

Experimental tests in logistic environment at Prodit S.r.l. (Santena, TO)


November 2010:

Presentation of the paper "Multi-Robot Map Updating in Dynamic Environments" at DARS 2010, Lausanne


September 2010:

Presentation "Mobile, autonomous and cooperating robotic platforms for supervision and monitoring of large logistic surfaces" at SIDRA 2010, L'Aquila, Italy

Presentation of the paper "Cooperative Robotic Teams for Supervision and Management of Large Logistic Spaces: Methodology and Applications" at ETFA 2010, Bilbao


June 2010:

Presentation of the paper "Map updating in dynamic environments" at ISR/ROBOTIK 2010, Munich


May 2010:

Presentation of the paper “Rao-Blackwellized Particle Filters Multi Robot SLAM with Unknown Initial Correspondences and Limited Communication” at the 2010 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2010)

Presentation of the paper “An Application of Omnidirectional Vision to Grid-based SLAM in Indoor Environments”, at the ICRA 2010 Workshop on Omnidirectional Robot Vision

Testing of multi-modal intrusion detection approaches


November 2009-April 2010:

Theoretical study, simulation and experimental tests of localization and map updating in dynamic environments

Theoretical study and simulation tests of active SLAM and exploration algorithms using particle filters

Study and application of omnidirectional vision to grid-based SLAM


October 2009:

First campaign of experimental tests in a logistic site at the car deck of the Nino Ronco Terminal of the Ignazio Messina & C. S.p.A. company in Genoa (Italy)

Presentation of the paper "Reverse KLD-Sampling for Measuring Uncertainty in Rao-Blackwellized Particle Filters SLAM" at IROS 2009, Workshop on Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking for Next Intelligent Robots and Systems


September 2009:

Presentation "Reverse KLD-Sampling for Measuring Uncertainty in Rao-Blackwellized Particle Filters SLAM" at SIDRA 2009, Siracusa, Italy


June-September 2009:

Experimental tests in a highly symmetrical environment about multirobot localization and mapping and localization using wireless networks


May 2009:

Presentation of the paper "Three-State Multirobot Collaborative Localization in Symmetrical Environments" at the 9th Conference on Autonomous Robot Systems and Competitions


October 2008-April 2009:

First set-up of the sensor equipment of the robotic team (laser scanner, cameras, wireless transmitter/receiver); first campaigns of experimental tests


September 2008:

Presentation of the paper "Switching Multirobot Collaborative Localization in Symmetrical Environments" at IROS 2008, 2nd Workshop on Planning, Perception and Navigation for intelligent Vehicles

Presentation "Switching Multirobot Collaborative Localization in Symmetrical Environments" at SIDRA 2008, Vicenza, Italy

Acquisition of the robot team, constituted by three Pioneer P3-DX


January-August 2008:

Definition of application specifications of the prototype

Theoretical and simulation study of algorithms and methods for collaborative multirobot robot localization


December 13, 2007:

First meeting of the Project Board


October 29, 2007:

Official start of the Project