Autonomous Robots 4 Logistic Spaces

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MACP4Log Project Partners:



The Robotic Research Group from DAUIN - Politecnico di Torino, coordinating the MACP4Log project, has a long experience in industrial and mobile robotics research projects and applications. Within the project, the group addresses the scientific problems raised by the localization and mapping issues, and the coordinating control of the team of robots. It collaborates with the partners in the specification and definition of vision algorithms and wireless communication, with a primary role in all the basic aspects of mobile robotics, sensors and actuators integration into the overall hardware architecture.



The Istituto Superiore “Mario Boella” (ISMB) is a research institute active in several ICT fields, and particularly in networking and mobile radio applications and services. In the MACP4Log project the research group from its Networking Lab covers all the aspects related to signal analysis, wireless technology selection, configuration and customization, and network architecture development.



ERXA s.r.l. is a SME specialized in software for industrial robotics applications. Its experience in industrial software design is essential for MACP4Log to define, design and implement the vision algorithms and integrate them into the overall software architecture to be used on the robotic platform. Its main responsibilities are in software specification, development and testing, according to the best practices of software engineering.