Bardonecchia - 2011, February 14th - 18th

A Conference on Statistical physics of complexity, optimization, and systems biology

Advances in sequencing and other high throughput experimental technologies have transformed the world of biological research over the last decade. Remarkable examples of data obtained using such technologies include thousands of fully sequenced genomes (a figure that is roughly doubling every year), genome-wide measurements of gene expression or methylation profiles and experimental determination of genome-scale protein-protein interaction networks. Due to the nature of the problems involved, the progress of experimental and bioinformatical techniques has been often uneven: the amount of data requires in many cases the solution of hard problems which are intractable by conventional computational tools.

The central themes of the conference will be computational and information-theoretic aspects of both theoretical biology and statistical physics, aiming at presenting the state of the art in many research fields that in the last years have seen a relevant burst of activity. The meeting will aim at being both a school and an active workshop. Please note that Bardonecchia is a good skiing place and a lot of time in the afternoon will be left free for outdoor activities.
The HuGeF foundation is providing financial support to the workshop.

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