Protein contact prediction: prospects and reality

Recent developments in co-evolution based contact prediction have been recently widely adopted by the structure prediction community, as evidenced in CASP11, a recently finished commnity-wide experiment in blind protein structure prediction.. According to organisers’ opinion, contact prediction was one of the “winners” of CASP this year. In this talk I will present how did the field of contact prediction progress recently and how are the inferred couplings applied to solving problems in biological settings. This talk will particularly focus on my contact-driven CASP method “my protein&me”, which ranked as 4th most group world-wide and was claimed as one of more unexpected developments in this years’ experiment. I will also discuss several success stories for contact prediction, in which successful contact inference allowed for discovering structural information that has not been attainable by other means. Finally, the talk will discuss the potential impact of introducing additional biological information in the inference process and prospective ways of increasing the applicability of these methods.

Thu, 15/01/2015 - 14:30
Marcin J. Skwark (The Finnish Centre of Excellence in Computational Inference)
HUGEF, old building 1st floor "Aula Affrescata"