Effects of migration and stochasticity in subdivided populations

Abstract: In mathematical models of subdivided populations (or metapopulations) migration acts together with selection and genetic drift to determine their evolution. In order to study the coupled dynamics of these populations, I will develop a self-consistent mean-field-like method that hinges on the presence of a separation of time scales between local and global dynamics and catches the effects of migration on relevant non-equilibrium properties, such as the mean fixation time. As an result, I will show that when the evolution strongly favors coexistence of species (e.g., balancing selection), the mean fixation time develops an unexpected minimum as a function of the migration rate. I will also discuss possible generalizations of the method to include sparseness effects on random graphs.

Thu, 22/01/2015 - 14:30
Luca Dall'Asta (Polito)
HuGeF, Via Nizza 52, Old Building, First floor, aula affrescata