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Riccardo Zecchina

Riccardo Zecchina general interest is in topics at the interface between Statistical Physics, Computer Science, Discrete Mathematics and Information Theory.

His current research activity is focused on combinatorial optimization, probabilistic and message-passing algorithms, statistical physics of complex systems, out-of-equilibrium dynamics, analysis of algorithms and interdisciplinary applications of statistical physics.

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Alessandro Pelizzola

Alessandro Pelizzola is an Associate Professor at the Department of Applied Science and Technology, Politecnico di Torino. His current research activity is mainly on applications of statistical physics to biological macromolecules, and in particular on protein folding and protein design. He is also active on nonequilibrium statistical physics, especially driven Ising models and fluctuation relations.

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Andrea Pagnani

Andrea Pagnani is a Research Scientist at the Human Genetic Foundation (HuGeF-Torino). His background is in Statistical Physics and Disordered Systems, and his scientific work is about: Stochastic growth model of surfaces as KPZ equation, Disordered models of RNA's folding, Spin Glasses, Coloring problem on random graphs, Boolean Networks, Combinatorial inference,Bioinformatics, and Systems Biology.

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Alfredo Braunstein

Alfredo Braunstein earned his Ph.D. in mathematics from SISSA (Trieste) in 2005. His main interests are combinatorial optimization, inference and algorithms. He is also interested in the game of Go and in the subject of computer Go.

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Alireza Alemi

Having a background in electrical and computer engineering, Alireza Alemi obtained his PhD in systems neuroscience at SISSA, Trieste. His main interest is theoretical and computational modeling of nervous system using interdisciplinary approaches from machine learning and statistical physics. Alireza’s current work concerns modeling learning and memory in recurrent neural networks.

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Carla Bosia

Carla has a background in theoretical physics and then moved to complex systems in biology. Her main interests are genetic control mechanisms and stochastic processes. At the moment she a PostDoc at the Human Genetics Foundation (HuGeF-Torino) and she is learning how to make experiments in the wet lab.

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Carlo Baldassi

With a background in theoretical physics, Carlo Baldassi moved to Complex Systems in Biology, defending a Ph.D. thesis in Computational Neuroscience. His main interest is the development of distributed algorithms for learning and structural inference in the context of Computational Neuroscience, and, more in general, for optimisation problems with potential biological applications.

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Fabrizio Altarelli

Combinatorial optimization with message passing algorithms, and its applications

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Luca Dall'Asta

Luca Dall'Asta is a theoretical physicist working on the interdisciplinary applications of Statistical Physics, in particular to problems emerging in the fields of Computer Science and Economics. His current research includes combinatorial optimization, coarsening and multiplicative noise in non-equilibrium stochastic processes, game-theoretic problems on graphs and networks.

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Marco Zamparo

With a background in statistical physics oriented to biophysics, my present research is focused on probabilistic graphical models and stochastic processes with applications to biophysics, biology and finance.

Alessandro Ingrosso
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Anna Paola Muntoni

Anna Muntoni has a background in physics of complex systems; she is mainly interested in inference and optimization problems.

Christoph Feinauer
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Indaco Biazzo

Indaco Biazzo is interested in statistical physics and optimization; He is working on prize collecting steiner tree problem. He is also interested in amorphous packings of hard spheres.

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Jacopo Bindi

Background in theoretical physics, mainly interested in statistical physics and its interdisciplinary applications.

Luca Saglietti