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RBP algorithm for lossy compression in reduced, ultrasparse GF(q) codes

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This code implements a novel data compression technique for binary symmetric sources based on the cavity method over GF(q), the Galois Field of order q. We present a scheme of low complexity and near-optimal empirical performance. The compression step is based on a reduction of a sparse low-density parity-check code over GF(q) and is done through the so-called reinforced belief-propagation equations. These reduced codes appear to have a nontrivial geometrical modification of the space of codewords, which makes such compression computationally feasible.

Prize-Collecting Steiner Trees

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This is the distribution package of MSGSTEINER

The permission to use this software is granted by the authors, Alfredo
Braunstein and Riccardo Zecchina, only on the following 5 conditions:

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