E-EMNM1D (Enhanced Micro-and Nanoparticle transport Model in porous media in 1D geometry) is the evolution of MNM1D, improved and extended for the simulation of the transport of highly concentrated, non-Newtonian suspensions of colloidal particles. The model was developed for the 1D simulation of column tests performed with iron micro and nanoparticles used in groundwater remediation, in the framework of the EU research project Aquarehab. The model takes into account attachment and detachment phenomena, following one or two interaction sites (linear, blocking, ripening, straining). Besides it simulates the non-Newtonian nature of carrier fluids usually employed to improve stability of iron particles, as well as the clogging phenomena due to particle deposition. The model is implemented in a Matlab environment and provided in an encrypted version (.p files), that can be run on machines that installed the Matlab program.


User manual: EMNM1D reference notes

Software: Packed files for download