Carlo Bianco

Carlo Bianco holds a MS in Environmental Engineering. He got graduated at Politecnico di Torino in 2013.

His MS thesis concerns the development of a user-defined kinetics, implemented in the numerical code RT3D, for simulation of the transport of colloidal particles in saturated porous media under transient ionic strength conditions.

He is a PhD student (29th cycle 2014-2016) under the supervision of Prof.  Rajandrea Sethi and Dr. Tiziana Tosco. The topic of his thesis is the macroscale modeling of micro- and nanoparticle transport in saturated porous media. His studies mainly focus on laboratory transport tests in sand column and software development for micro- and nano-particles transport simulation in 1D and 3D geometries. He developed the graphical interface of the MNMs software, a numerical code for interpretation of laboratory transport tests and pilot scale simulations of particles injection:(

Carlo spends his spare time with friends, practicing sports and reading novels. The long experience in the Scout group of his town, which ended at the beginning of his course of studies, allowed him to ripen a great passion for travels, nature and adventure.

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