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Synthesis of nanomaterials and nanostructures

The ability to control materials properties at the nanoscale is raising in importance as the performances requested by the new technological applications are increasing more and more. To cite some examples, thin films of nanometric thickness (lower than 10 nm) with a good thickness uniformity on large area can be required to achieve some technological performances in several industrial applications, such as automotive, mechanics, electronics, optoelectronics and biomedical application. Moreover, the control of film morphology at the nanoscale, such as the roughness and porosity is of paramount importance to control the surface behavior from the chemical, physical and biological point of  view.

Our laboratories are equipped with advanced equipment for the growth of several kinds of nanostructured coatings and nanostructures, as well as for their morphological, compositional and structural characterization at the nanoscale.

                                                                     Nanostructure of ZnO surface

                                     Surface of a nanostructured ZnO thin film, seen at the scanning electron microscope.


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