Trustech Cleanroom


Thanks to the strategic partnership with Trustech s.r.l., our Group has access to their cleanroom facility, a proprietary private laboratory specialized in micro & nano technologies, with a complementary portfolio of technological equipment with respect to the Chilab.

It is a structure with 400 square meters cleanrooms (class 100 and class 1000) dedicated to the development of devices and small volume production.



The laboratory is equipped with:

  • Deep Reactive Ion Etching (both Cryo and Bosch®)
  • DC and RF Sputtering
  • Thermal and E-Gun Evaporators
  • Pulsed Plasma Deposition
  • Photolitography Mask Aligners
  • Wet Benches and Optical Microscopes
  • AFM microscope
  • Electronic microscope with EDX Micro Analysis
  • BIOLAB for cellular analysis
  • In liquid AFM with fluorescence detection (Bioscope II)

TRUSTECH provides to the customer experience, facilities and characterization equipment, enabling the design, prototyping and production of small and medium series Microsensors, Microdevices and Microfluidics designed on the Customer specifications or defined in collaboration with the Customer, after a depth analysis of its application requirements.