22 May 2019

Special Issue "2D Nanomaterials Processing and Integration in Miniaturized Devices"

A special issue of Micromachines (ISSN 2072-666X).

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 1 July 2020

Special Issue Information

Dear Colleagues,

 A relatively populous and ever-expanding class of innovative materials are 2D nanomaterials with a disruptive potential for different application contexts. Although for some of them, such as graphene, various possible implementations have already been explored in different application fields, others, (e.g. Mxenes), are still relatively at an infantile stage with regard to handling, stability, exploitation, processing, and practical use in devices and higher dimensionality structures. In any case, regardless of the specific nature of each of these materials, their degree of purity, and structure (mono-layers / few-layers / multi-layers) and their level of maturity, they all share the same challenges from their onset, such asprocessing, patterning, transfer, and integration in devices allowing a smart exploitation of their unique properties, incorporation in matrices of different nature for the synthesis of nanocomposites, and so on. Accordingly, this Special Issue aims to showcase research papers, short communications, and review articles outlining recent progress and innovative approaches for 2D nanomaterials synthesis and/or processing, preparatory to their assembly or integration into devices, microstructures, microsensors, and composites for different application fields. Descriptions of subsequent miniaturized devices and systems (MEMS, microsensors, devices for different application fields like energy, bio, environment,etc.) integrating 2D nanomaterials are welcome and strongly encouraged.

Prof. Dr. Candido Fabrizio Pirri
Dr. Matteo Cocuzza
Guest Editors