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  • Microla - Optoelectronics

    In July 2006, Microla Optoelectronics s.r.l. emerges as a Politecnico di Torino spin-off company, offering solid state laser sources. It was the consequence of a group of engineers and physicists with the belief that laser sources can (and will) play a key role in the industrial environment and nurture and economic recovery. Throughout the years, Microla has focused its attention into laser processing and engraving. This has led to the creation of fully functional equipments such as the "Laser Ready", and other systems of laser processing tailored to meet customer requirements.

    Via Moretta, 45/A - 10139 - Torino


  • Politronica InkJet srl

    Politronica Inkjet Printing S.r.l. started its activity very recently in June 2008, after the presentation of its business idea to POGAS within the framework "Giovani idee cambiano l'Italia" and winning a loan for the realization of a small production line based on the ink jet printing technology applied to the field of conductive and semiconductive poymeric inks.

    Its general mission is the realization of RFID tags in the small scale production, the work-on-demand and the engineering of simple electronic circuits and devices which can be asily integrated on a flexible substrate and contain sensors, batteries, discrete components, photovoltaic polymeric cells and so on.

    Currently Politronica is involved in the "PrintTAG" project, financied by Regione Piemonte, for the realization of printed magnetic tags in collaboration with Olivetti I-jet, Politecnico di Torino and INRIM.

    Via Livorno 60, 10144 Torino



  • IMEM - Istituto dei Materiali per l' Elettronica ed il Magnetismo del C.N.R.

    Within the best CNR tradition, IMEM interprets an interdisciplinary vision and a research practice in material science, complementing refined growth synthesis and characterization methods with theoretical modelling and device prototyping aiming at exploring and demonstrating functional properties, applications and technological perspectives. The Institute envisions a tight interplay between curiosity driven basic and applied science with technological research, addressing and focusing more and more the activity and interactions towards materials, processes and devices for energetics, sensing and bioelectronics. This approach is consistent with the affiliation to the "Dipartimento Ingegneria - ICT e tecnologia per l'Energia e Trasporti" (DIITET) and a significant participation to "Scienze Fisiche e Tecnologie della Materia" (DSFTM). Major activities deal with investigating and tailoring properties of materials of new generation including: nanostructures; nanostructures on metallic surfaces; semiconductors, magnetic and superconducting materials systems and devices; semiconductor quantum dot (QDot); nanostructures and functionalization processes for bioelectronics, nanomedicine and sensing devices; oxides nanostructures, molecular and hybrid materials engineered at different length scales.

    Parco Area delle Scienze 37/A - 43124 Parma, Italy


  • Trustech srl

    Trustech s.r.l. is the first italian private technology transfer organization specialized on Micro and Nanotechnology. Working within a wide network of research centers and in close relationships with the main industrial companies in the North of Italy, Trustech has skills and strong capability to match the gap between industry and research.Trustech is able to develop, prototype and produce MEMS and Microdevices for customer needs always taking into account business needs.Trustech is an expert and knowledgeable actor in support of those companies that aim at evaluating and exploiting the high potential returns of technology offered by applied scientific research, and specifically by micro and nanotechnologies. Trustech stays side by side with its client companies throughout the life of an innovation project: from the initial research of necessary competencies through to the making of the team, the determination and control of costs, quantification and realization of benefits. We put much care in planning required activities, in implementing pragmatic means and measures, in searching for investments and potential investors, in intellectual property rights and in problem solving.We relies also on an excellent Scientific Network whose parties have been carefully selected on the base of their ability to support the required technological solutions as well as on our highly qualified staff.

    Località Baraggino - 10034 - Chivasso (TO)


  • IIT-CSF, Center for Sustainable Futures

    The new CSF@PoliTo Centre builds upon its wide set of equipment and the multidisciplinary expertise of its enthusiastic and committed research staff to enforce a new mission: the development of cutting-edge technologies to achieve fast the ambitious targets set up in Paris (December 2015) by the COP21 assembly of 195 Countries to cope with the global warming effect. Namely:

    - Use of CO2 as raw material for the synthesis of chemicals, materials or fuels so as to achieve the square effect of its removal from the atmosphere or the emission sources and the production of renewable products substituting fossil ones.

    - Distributed Manufacturing, i.e. the development of production systems fed by renewable energy sources (heat, radiation, electric power, organic wastes) and following the distributed nature of these sources with a proper scale-down and process intensification to achieve cost-effective synthesis of high-added-value products (e.g. bioplastics, anti-oxidants, medicines, methane, hydrogen, biofuels, etc.) through electro-, bio- or photochemical techniques

    - Low temperature heat storage and exploitation, released or lost in the atmosphere for economic reasons from various application contexts (process industry, automobiles, residential heat and power plants, etc.), or generated from renewable energy sources (e.g. solar thermal, geothermal sources).

    - New premises and selected investments in key research areas (Synthetic and Systems Biology) and services (Multiscale Modelling) provide this Centre with a unique mix of synergistic competences distributed in four main divisions: Advanced materials, Additive Manufacturing, Reactors and Processes, Synthetic and Systems Biology.

    A strategic alliance with the Politecnico di Torino is enforced on the above mentioned research themes.

    Corso Trento 21, 10129 Torino - Italy