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SOFCOM is an applied research project devoted to demonstrate the technical feasibility, the efficiency and environmental advantages of CCHP plants based on SOFC fed by different typologies of biogenous primary fuels (locally produced), also integrated by a process for the CO2 separation from the anode exhaust gases. The research activity will be devoted to the scientific, technical and economical management of two proof-of-concepts of complete energy systems based on SOFCs. Several issues will be addressed like high efficiency integration designs, impact of the fuel pollutants on the SOFC and fuel processing units operation, gas cleaning, carbon sequestration module, operation in CCHP configuration, maintenance and repair strategies, lessons learned for pre-normative issues and scale-up analysis.


SOFCOM on Youtube and DEMOSOFC starting!

Generate ‪#‎energy‬ while cleaning ‪#‎wastewater ‬?
Professor Massimo Santarelli from Politecnico di Torino, coordinator of the ‪#‎SOFCOM‬ project, explains how the demonstration plant works and how has been the starting point for a new EU project, ‪#‎DEMOSOFC‬, always coordinated by Politecnico di Torino.

Click here for the video!

DEMOSOFC will be presented on 24th of September in Turin! See attached pdf for more details!

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SOFCOM Final Meeting - Turin

On March 26th and 27th, the SOFCOM final meeting has been organized in Turin.

The meeting has been organized in the framework of the SMAT conference for the 30th year of operation of the SMAT Castiglione Plant (Link here).

Different press releases have been done during this event (Link here).

The project partners have a visit to the SOFCOM Turin Demo plant, which was working under nominal conditions.

20150327 134621


IMG 1012

SOFCOM Turin Demo Plant

The SOFCOM Demonstration Plant has been installed and tested in the SMAT S.p.a. Waste Water Treatment Plant in Turin.

The video of the complete installation is available at

IMG 3898 Large

The plant is fed with biogas from Waste Water Treatment Plant sludges digestion .

IMG 3900 Large

The plant is the first SOFC biogas fed tri-generation plant with a carbon capture bottom process and use of CO2 for algae growth in a tubular photobioreactor. The plant is well detailed on the website section Work package 6.

The plant has been installed outdoot with a roof and to protect the components from rain and wind.

A control room has been placed close to the plant with the control software for the entire plant.

20141107 151641 Large


101 0130 Large


20141107 151606 Large


101 0128 Large





News on SOFCOM Demo Plant in Turin

The SOFCOM demo plant will be installed in the SMAT WWTP in the next weeks. During the last months all the components have been collected in Turin and the mechanical and electrical connections have been designed, together with the overall control system.


The proof-of-concept will include different sections designed by the SOFCOM partners:

- Biogas cleaning unit to remove contaminants (VTT)

- Biogas reforming to yield a hydrogen rich stream (CNR)

- SOFC Stack to produce electricity and recover heat (POLITO)

- Oxy-combustor to burn the remaining fuel in the anode exhaust and obtain a H2O-CO2 stream (IEN)

- Condenser and separation membrane to have a pure CO2 stream (TUM)

- Algae photobioreactor to fix CO2 in algae and clean waste water removing nutrients (MATGAS)


After a detailed and long work, the connections have been designed and realized in order to guarantee the well-match between the sections, the temperature maintenance in the hot zone, the pressure requested values and the overall demo operation. On May 2014 the first tests and the start-up on the proof-of-concept will take place.


Below some pictures of the SOFCOM demo plant can be found. News on the first tests will be online soon.


20140416 113758 Copia


20140416 113907 Copia


20140416 113803 Copia  

BioAlma - Biofuel from algae for sustainable mobility in urban areas

The SOFCOM Turin demonstration plant will includea photbioreactore for the growth of algae. The algae will be first used for treating the SMAT WWTP waste water and then sent back to the digester.

Besides this particular use, it is well known that other opportunities are available for the algae use, such as the biofuels productions.

BioAlma (biofuel from algae for sustainable mobility in urban areas) is an Italian project dedicated to the improvement of the potential impact in terms of energy and environmental implications of biofuel production from algae.
The project lasts two years and began in March 2012. The leader is Politecnico di Torino (Department of Environment, Land and Infrastructures Engineering).


Particolare sistema di allevamento 2 Medium  Microalghe in acque reflue 2










SOFCOM Project Mid-Term Review

On November 28th the Mid-term Review Meeting of the SOFCOM Project occurs. All the WP leaders and the partners involved present the different activities and developments.

After some months, the result of the FCH-JU commission review has been approved with good comments on the SOFCOM project. Below the main aspects of the review can be found.

"Overall the project has made good progress and achieved already good results in the scientific work tasks."

"The project has achieved most of its objectives and technical goals for the period with relatively minor deviations".

"The consortium has to re-focus during the last year of the project on the dissemination and exploitation strategy and maximize the impact of the project at the EU level and the associated fuel cell and hydrogen community. A valid exploitation plan has to be provided and approved in the final report".

The consortium is now working deeply on the demonstration activities to confirm the suitability of the proposed plants, on the system analysis to find proper subsidy schemes for the economic sustainability of biogas+SOFC plants and on the exploitation plan to find a road for the future of our activities.

Below the detailed and updated presentations related to each Work Package can be found. We will update the website soon with news on the demonstration plants activities!














November 13rd two posters have been presented by Pierluigi Leone (Politecnico di Torino) in the framework of the "Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking Stakeholders General Assembly 2013" in Bruxelles.

The posters were related to the WP2 laboratory activities on single cells and short stacks and on the WP4 system analysis and modeling. The papers can be donwloaded from the link below.

SOFCOM poster WP2



DEMOs advancements @ October 2013

The FIRST PROOF-OF-CONCEPT SOFC SYSTEM (TORINO, ITALY) is under construction: it will operate with biogas produced in an industrial waste water treatment unit (WWTU). The plant will be in operation as CHP plant, with heat recovery from the exhaust for the production of hot services (e.g. hot water). Also, the plant will be completed with a CO2 separation from the anode exhaust and with a section of CO2 recovery for Carbon reutilization integrated with the primary fuel processing system.

DEMO Torino

The SECOND PROOF-OF-CONCEPT SOFC SYSTEM (HELSINKI, FINLAND) is under construction and considers a SOFC stack operating with a syngas from biomass gasification. This demonstration plant will be concentrated on the operation of a SOFC stack with a lean gasification fuel, with all the concerns related to a proper fuel gas cleaning for fuelling the fuel cell system.



SOFCOM Month 24 Meeting - Barcelona

On October 24-25th the SOFCOM Project Meeting was carried out in Barcelona. The meeting was hosted by MATGAS (, the Spanish research company partner of the Project, in the beautiful scenery of Barcelona.

Esperimental and modeling results, demonstration plants and future works have been presented be each partner and discussed during the meeting.

Below an overview of the project can be found, while single presentations related to the Work Packages can be found in the WP area of the website.