Bulk superconductors

img The ability to shield an external magnetic field or to act as a magnetic lens or as a permanent magnet is the basis of superconducting bulk applications that have attracted remarkable interest in the last few years. Indeed, in this field the technology based on the use of bulk superconductors with medium-high transition temperature has made enormous progress, joining the optimization of the material growth techniques with calculation techniques able to study the magnetization processes of such materials and predict the performance of future devices. In addition, a further improvement in the performances of these devices is expected by combining superconducting and ferromagnetic materials in the device geometry. Our group has been working in this research field for some years and deals with both the experimental characterizations (mainly focusing on local and non-local magnetic measurements) and numerical simulations with COMSOL Multyphysics® to reproduce and assist in the interpretation of experimental results, and guide the design and fabrication of prototype ofpassive magnetic shields, permanent magnets, magnetic lenses.

Illustrative publications on the topic

  • - L. Gozzelino, M. Fracasso, M. Solovyov, F. Gomory, A. Napolitano, R. Gerbaldo, G. Ghigo, F. Laviano, D. Torsello, M. Grigoroscuta, G. Aldica, M. Burdusel, and P. Badica - Screening of magnetic fields by superconducting and hybrid shields with circular cross-section - Supercond. Sci. Technol. (2022)
  • - M. Fracasso, F. Gomory, M. Solovyov, R. Gerbaldo, G. Ghigo, F. Laviano, A. Napolitano, D. Torsello, and L. Gozzelino - Modelling and Performance Analysis of MgB2 and Hybrid Magnetic Shields - Materials 15, 667 (2022)
  • - L. Gozzelino, R. Gerbaldo, G. Ghigo, D. Torsello, V. Bonino, M. Truccato, M. Grigoroscuta, M. Burdusel, G. Aldica, V. Sandu, I. Pasuk, and P. Badica - High magnetic shielding properties of an MgB2 cup obtained by machining a spark- plasma-sintered bulk cylinder - Supercond. Sci. Technol. 33 044018 (2020)
  • - L. Gozzelino, R. Gerbaldo, G. Ghigo, F. Laviano, D. Torsello, V. Bonino, M. Truccato, D. Batalu, M. A. Grigoroscuta, M. Burdusel, G. V. Aldica and P. Badica - Passive magnetic shielding by machinable MgB2 bulks: measurements and numerical simulations - Supercond. Sci. Technol. 32, 034004 (2019)
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