img The interaction of electromagnetic fields with composite materials is a topic of growing interest because of their extremely tunable propertis and resulting potential for applications. In our group we characterize magnetic and electric properties from the static limit up to the GHz range of frequencies fundamental for modern communication technology. In particular, we measure the real and imaginary part of magnetic susceptibility and of the electric permittivity, as well as the magnetic hysteresis curve. The investigated materials include polymeric and ceramic matrices with conducting and magnetic inculsions, both of inorganic and carbon-based nature. Typical applications of the investigated materials range from hyperthermia for cancer treatment to radar signal shielding.

Illustrative publications on the topic

  • - M. Bartoli, D. Torsello, E. Piatti, M. Giorcelli, A. Sparavigna, M. Rovere, G. Ghigo, and A. Tagliaferro - Pressure-Responsive Conductive Poly(vinyl alcohol) Composites Containing Waste Cotton Fibers Biochar - Micromachines 13, 125 (2022)
  • - D. Torsello, M. Bartoli, M. Giorcelli, M. Rovere, R. Arrigo, G. Malucelli, A. Tagliaferro, and G. Ghigo - High Frequency Electromagnetic Shielding by Biochar-Based Composites - Nanomaterials 11, 2383 (2021)
  • - R. Arrigo, M. Bartoli, D. Torsello, G. Ghigo, and G. Malucelli - Thermal, dynamic-mechanical and electrical properties of UV-LED curable coatings containing porcupine-like carbon structures - Mater. Today Commun. 28, 102630 (2021)
  • - D. Torsello, G. Ghigo, M. Giorcelli, M. Bartoli, M. Rovere and A. Tagliaferro - Tuning the microwave electromagnetic properties of biochar-based composites by annealing - Carbon Trends 4, 100062 (2021)
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