• Study of fundamental properties of multi-band unconventional superconductors (penetration depth, energy gap, order parameter symmetry) by microwave techniques
  • Study of the vortex dynamics in non conventional superconductors by means of magnetic, magneto-optical and microwave techniques
  • Modulation of the properties of superconductors, magnetic materials and oxides by means of particle irradiation aiming at the development of devices for electromagnetic signal detections.
  • Study of the radiation hardness of superconductors, oxides and glass-ceramics for applications in radiation harsh environment
  • Development of magnets and magnetic shields made of superconducting/ferromagnetic materials
  • Study of the properties of magnetic materials and superconducting/ferromagnetic heterostructures for spintronics applications
  • Study of the electromagnetic properties of magnetic micro and nano-particles for localized medical therapies