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John Dee, The Mathematicall Præface to the Elements of Geometrie of Euclid of Megara. London, 1570. 60 pages, a few illustrations. Full of Latin and early English words - excellent short book, but not for the faint of heart. This work was instrumental in bringing both the Renaissance and Scientific Revolution to England, and thereby paving the way for development of the steam engine. [Jodie Lippman]

Rhys Jenkins, "Thomas Newcomen" [Anthony De Figlio]

Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan, ed. [Early steam navigation], in Documentary History of the State of New-York, Vol 2:1011-1102. Albany, 1849. Includes: James Rumsey, A Short Treatise on the Application of Steam, whereby it is clearly shewn from actual experiments, that Steam may be applied to propel boats or vessels. (Philadelphia, 1788) and John Fitch, The Original Steam-Boat supported; or, a reply to Mr. James Rumsey's Pamphlet shewing the true priority of John Fitch, and the false datings, &c of James Rumsey. (Philadelphia, 1788). 92 pages, one small and one LARGE illustration. Very interesting pamphlets, includes letters from Washington and Franklin. [Erin Jones]

Samuel Smiles, Lives of Boulton and Watt, 2nd ed. 1866, 514 pages, about 80 illustrations. Watt was the inventor, and Boulton the entrepreneur. A classic work on early steam engine development. [Jennifer Hoffman, Amrita Desai, David Hilton, Robert Koenig]

Francois Arago, Life of James Watt, in Arago's 1834 Biographies of Scientific Men, vol 2, pp 350-486. [David Jaffe]

Samuel Smiles, The Life of George Stephenson and of his son Robert Stephenson; comprising also a History of the Invention and Introduction of the Railway Locomotive. London, 1868. 533 pages. 90 illustrations. [Shanay Williams (1-100) (436-608), Naketa Strode (101-199), Rosan Dacres (200-299), Corey Legler]

Robert Stuart Meikleham, A Descriptive History of the Steam Engine, London, 1824. 228 pages. Microfilm - see below. [Orane Barrett (70-120), Daniel Hall (129-177), Allen Johnson (1-70)]

Dionysius Lardner, The Steam Engine Explained and Illustrated; with an account of its invention and progressive improvement, and its application to Navigation and Railways; including also a Memoir of Watt. 7th edition, London, 1840. 522 pages, many illustrations. Written for a popular audience, but very complete. [1. Asif Shah Mohammed (Chapter 1 & 2) 2. Mohammad M. Syed (Chapter 3 & 4) 3. Kumanan Nesiah (Chapter 5,6 and Table of Contents) 4. Muniba Zulqarnian (Chapter 7, 8) 5. Tarini Arogyaswami (Chapter 9) 6. Shonar Majmudar (Chapter 10) 7. Ajay Singh Bika (Chaper 11) 8. Tanveer Rahman (Chapter 12, 13) 9. Fatima Rahmetullah (Chapter 14, Appendix)]

Wm. Barclay Parsons, Robert Fulton and the Submarine New York, 1922. 154 pages, about 20 pictures & drawings. [Sam Harris]

Holly Steam Pamphlet, 1878 [Yussef Abbasey]

Herman Haupt's Steam Report, 1879 [Kerstin Babbitt]

William Prall's 1880 pamphlet [Felix Asideu]

Baker's 1881 Pamphlet [Rahul Munjal]

Timby's 1889 pamphlet [Mike Lyons]

William Conant Church, The Life of John Ericsson, New York, 1890. 2 vols. 303 and 338 pages. Some illustrations and technical material. [vol 1 - Jonathan A. Herman, vol 2 - Joseph Vitali (on the way)]

Census Bureau, Central Electric Light and Power Stations 1902. Washington, 1905. 104 pages of text (including History and Development of Electric Lighting), 20 illustrations, plus 98 tables that may or may not be worthwhile to put on line. [Joel Helfrich]

Reginald Pelham Bolton, A Municipal Experiment, or the Hall of Records Power Plant New York, 1917. 221 pages, about 8 pictures, some tables. An excellent analysis comparing the use of small isolated steam power plants vs. large public utility plants in New York City. [David Van Duyne, Josh Pletka (1-80), Jose Abeid]

United States Fuel Administration, Fuel Facts, 1918, 59 pages. [David Urbanski, Michael DeGrande]

Morris Llewellyn Cooke, ed., "Giant Power: Large Scale Electrical Development as a Social Factor," Annals of the American Academy of Political Science, vol 128, March 1925. 177 pages, 10 illustrations, several tables. A series of articles promoting the social benefits of electrification on a massive scale. Very important work. [Andrew Gannick, Robert Ceglie, Alan Noscow.]

William S. Murray, Superpower: Its Genesis and Future, New York, 1925. 227 pages. [Matthew Guttin, Adam Glazer, Sanjit Timberwala]

Guy E. Tripp, Super Power as an Aid to Progress New York, 1924. 61 pages, about a dozen illustrations. [Justin Goldman, Dennis Annechino]

R. V. Reynolds, Fuel Wood Used in the United States 1630-1930 [Joanna Palacios, Cecily Strickland]

Samuell Insull, Central Station Electric Service: Its Commercial Development and Economic Significance as set forth in the Public Addresses (1897-1914) of Samuel Insull., Chicago, 1915. 475 pages, about 150 graphics. [Kevin Filipski, John Scahill, Valerie Plummer, Ryall Carroll]

Samuell Insull, Public Utilities in Modern Life: Selected Speeches (1914-1923) of Samuel Insull., Chicago, 1924. 403 pages [Terrence Kazlow, Shane Ortega (wednesday)]

Story of Electricity, 1919, [Mark Thrall (473-570), Dave Capucilli (339-438), Jack Huang (1-100?)]

Story of electricity, vol 2 [Robert Sawyer, Mike Shea, Dave Franks]

Ida Tarbell, History of the Standard Oil Co., Vol 2. [Zachary Lutwick, Angelito Tan, Asheesh M. - not last chapters.]

Francis Trevithick, Life of Richard Trevithick. London, 1872. [Not owned by RRL. I have a photocopy.] 2 vols. 382 and 396 pages. Some illustrations. Trevithick was an early British pioneer of high pressure steam engines. [Susanne Grossman, Maria Cubillos (1:1-220), Chris Canery (1:221-320), Bernard Schmidt (1:321-382), Jose Quero (2:1-113), Michael Bowers (2:114-194), Ronald Rogers (2:195-283), Ray Glennon (2:284-396)]

Forty Years of Edison Service [St. Patrick Reid, Roger Soares]

Richard Margolis, The Bridge Project [James Schulman]

Barlett 1884 steam pamphlet [Scott Teitsch]

20 December 1996