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In front of the complexity of the polytechnic education, and not only in front of horizons and contents typical of a university called as "Polytechnic", this virtual Museum proposed as a question rather than as a solution. The project on an Internet site shows several questions, mainly because, since when this is conceveid, it proposes as something fully different from what the book has been up-to-day. However, the polytechnic education in a society that to-day is not any more "industrial" can become a new door for revealing some aspects of our world, of which we know so little.

The proposal of a Virtual Museum does not only want to give a support to the transient lack of exhibitory areas for the rich materials of collections that the Politecnico di Torino has gathered for over 150 years of life, but it is mainly a "tale" as the multimedia style wants it, of all matters interwoven around the town of Turin; it not the history of a single town, bur rather only one out of thousand faces of our complex global society.

Vittorio Marchis